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Photos of Foot Warts - Also Known as Plantar Verruca

Is it a Wart or Not?


Updated November 14, 2011

Warts on the feet, also known as plantar verruca, can often look like callouses. But there are a few distinguishing features warts have that callouses do not. First, warts will interrupt the skin lines on the bottom of the foot, whereas callouses will have skin lines go through the hard, dead skin. Second, warts usually have small black dots, which are the blood supply to the warts. Callouses do not have black dots (unless your feet are dirty). Lastly, warts are more painful when they are squeezed side to side and callouses are more painful when pushed on directly. If you're coping with warts on your feet, this article on plantar warts will answer many of your questions.
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Wart (Plantar Verruca) on Bottom of HeelMultiple Warts (Plantar Verruca) on FootWarts (Plantar Verruca) on Bottom of FootClose-Up of Warts (Plantar Verruca) on Foot
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