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Exercise & Feet

To help stay active, it is important to keep your feet in shape. These are tips that will help you stay healthy and keep you off the injured reserve list.

Sweaty Feet and Odor
Excess sweat and odor are two foot problems that usually occur together. Learn more about what can be causing these common problems and how they can be treated.

An overview of tendonitis, including the most common types of tendonitis that affect the foot and ankle.

Tips for Treating and Preventing Blisters
The best way to deal with irritating blisters is to prevent them from happening. Learn some of the best methods for blister prevention as well as how to treat a blister when it does occur.

Learn more about sesamoiditis, a condition that causes pain under the big toe joint.

Causes of Pain at the Big Toe Joint
A list and description of the most common conditions causing pain and other symptoms at the big toe joint, also known as the first metatarsophalangeal joint.

Foot and Ankle Stretches

The Lunge Stretch
Photo and description of the lunge stretch, which targets the calve and feet.

These cold weather foot problems can cause pain and skin changes, most often affecting the toes.

Tips for Protecting Your Feet from the Cold
Cold weather can cause significant injury to your feet, even in small doses. These tips can help protect your feet from cold-related injuries, such as painful or irritating skin conditions and frostbite.

8 Causes of Lower Leg Pain
A look at eight conditions that often lead to pain in the lower legs.

Foot and Ankle Stress Fractures
A stress fracture develops after repeated pressure or loading on a bone. Stress fractures most often occur in the foot and ankle, affecting several possible bones.

Five Amazing "Feets"
Most of us walk on our feet everyday and if they are not hurting, we rarely give them a second thought. Then there are others who ask themselves, "What else could I do with my feet today?" Those are the people you will find in the Guinness World Records. You too could be a record holder if you could balance on one foot for 3 days and 5 hours. …

Shin Splints - Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome Exercises
Photos of shin splints - medial tibial stress syndrome exercises.

Shin Splints - Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome
Shin splints are now known as medial tibial stress syndrome. Learn what the causes, signs and symptoms and treatments are for shin splints/medial tibial stress syndrome.

Compartment Syndrome
Pain after an injury is not uncommon, but if the pain seems out of proportion to the injury and there is a significant amount of swelling (edema) you may have a condition called compartment syndrome. Compartment syndromes can be acute (sudden onset) or chronic (long term problem). Learn more about compartment syndromes.

Sports Massage - What are the Benefits of Sports Massage?
Sports massage is reported to have many beneficial effects in athletes. Sports massage can be used pre-performance, post-performance, during training or for rehabilitation. Athletes of all levels may benefit from sports massage. If you are looking for a way to improve your athletic performance then sports massage may be for you. Learn more about the possible performance enhancing effects of sports massage.

Foot & Ankle Exercises
Pictures of foot and ankle exercises.

Socks for Exercise
Top 8 picks for exercise socks.

Get running advice and information on nutrition, proper shoes and gear, weight loss, common injuries, racing, health benefits, motivation and training programs.

Common Soccer Injuries
Soccer Pain and Injury: Recognizing, treating and preventing the most common soccer pain and injuries.

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