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Pain on the Top of the Foot

By April 16, 2013

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Q: I recently started getting pain on the top of my foot that hurts most when I'm wearing shoes and walking or running. What could be causing this?

A: Pain on the top of the foot could be related to a few different problems. The tendons that cross over the top of the foot and can develop tendonitis.  The protective fluid-filled sac that surrounds these tendons can become inflammed, causing pain  and swelling.  This can occur from overuse, which creates strain on a tendon, or it can occur from chronic rubbing against the tendon from a tight shoe. Tendonitis on the top of the foot is often related to a high-arched foot type or other problems with foot biomechanics (function). Learn more: Foot and Ankle Tendonitis.

Another possible cause of pain on the top of the foot is a pinched or irritated nerve. This is often experienced at or around the medial cuneiform bone, at the top of the foot's arch.  This can be caused by tight shoes, especially when laces are pulled too tight. It is also seen more often in a high-arched foot. To learn more: Nerve Problems that Cause Foot Pain.

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