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Podiatry: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
8 Causes of Lower Leg Pain
What is causing your lower leg pain? It may be due to increased activity, or it may be one of these eight conditions known to cause sore lower legs.
Are These Nerve Problems Causing Your Foot Pain?
Nerve problems can be the source of pain at the top of the foot or through the arch. Here are the common nerve conditions that can cause foot pain.
8 Common Reasons Your Feet Hurt
An overview of the most common types and causes of foot pain, including heel pain, toe problems, bunions, pinched nerves, tendonitis, and more.
Common Medical Issues That Cause Foot and Ankle...
An overview of common causes of swelling in the foot and ankle -- including arthritis, infection, tendonitis, pregnancy, circulation problems and trauma.
6 Common Reasons for Pain in the Big Toe Joint
Is your big toe joint hurting? These are the six most common conditions causing pain and other symptoms at the first metatarsophalangeal joint.
3 Common Toenail Problems
Our toenails are subject to a great deal of stress, and there are three common toenail problems that we often see.
What's Causing That Pain in the Ball of Your...
Pain under the ball of the foot is a common foot problem that can have many causes. Read about some of the causes and treatments for this painful foot condition.
5 Signs You Might Have Toe Fungus
Also known as onychomycosis, toenail fungus is a widespread problem and one of the most frequently treated foot conditions. It is a slow-growing infection caused by dermatophytes which are a group of fungi that can infect the skin, hair, and nails.
Got Itchy Feet? You May Have One of These...
What is making your feet itch? It may be one of these four common skin conditions that cause itchy feet. Find out the symptoms and treatment for each.
4 Common Bacterial Infections of the Feet and...
Bacterial infections can occur on your feet, toes and toenails. Here are the most common types, symptoms and culprits and when to seek medical help.
Do You Have Plantar Warts?
Plantar warts occur on the bottom of the foot. Find out how to treat this condition at home and what a medical treatments are available if needed.
Is Your Foot and Ankle Pain Due to Tendonitis?
Tendonitis an affect the foot and ankle. Find out more about the common types of tendonitis, how to treat it at home, and when to seek medical care.
Causes of Aching Feet and 5 Tips to Soothe Them
Aching feet need attention at the end of a long day. Here are the common causes of foot soreness and five ways too soothe them and rejuvenate tired feet.
5 Tips to Help Relieve the Pain of Bunions
The number one complaint a bunion sufferer has is pain and irritation. Here are some tips that can help reduce bunion pain.
Is Morton's Neuroma Causing Your Foot Pain?
Morton's neuroma is a painful condition that affects the foot. Women are more likely to suffer from a Morton's neuroma, perhaps due to the shoes they wear. Learn more about Morton's neuroma at About.com's podiatry and foot health webpage.
8 Common Causes of Heel Pain
Heel pain is a very common musculoskeletal symptom that can affect anyone at nearly any age. There are a number of conditions that can cause heel pain, each with distinct characteristics.
Photos of Foot Warts - Also Known as Plantar...
An image gallery showing photos of warts, also known as plantar verruca, on the feet. Learn more about warts on about.com's podiatry and foot health site.
What is a Hammer Toe?
Hammer toes develop with an elevated part of the middle of the toe. Find out more about causes, associated problems, and how they can be treated.
What's Wrong With My Toes? 4 Common Toe Problems
A summary of some of the most common toe problems: bunions, hammer toes, and hallux limitus.
8 Facts to Know About Corns and Calluses
Corns and calluses can cause pain and discomfort. Find out how to treat them at home and when to get medical assistance with these foot conditions.
Can You Treat Toenail Fungus with Topical...
Toenail fungus, onychomycosis, may be treated with topical medicines, including prescription an over-the-counter medications. See what works best.
6 Signs You Need Treatment for Toenail Trauma
You can get toenail trauma by dropping a heavy object on your foot or chronic friction against your shoe. How to take care of subungual hematoma.
5 Products for Relieving the Pain of Bunions
Bunions can cause foot pain and shoe discomfort. You can use these popular over-the-counter bunion products to help alleviate pain and discomfort.
5 Products for Hammer Toes
A list of five products that are used for hammer toe symptom relief. Includes photos, descriptions, and links to where to buy.
5 Holiday Foods That Can Cause Gout
Holiday Foods such as turkey, mushrooms and asparagus may induce a gout flare in the big toe joint
What Can You Do about Those Dry, Cracked Feet?
Dry skin and cracks on your feet can be a cosmetic proble, or be associated with other medical conditions. Learn more about causes and solutions.
4 Ways Rheumatoid Arthritis Affects Your Feet
Rheumatoid arthritis can affect the joints of the foot and ankle. It also has effects on foot function and may cause problems for the nerves and skin.
Athlete's Foot
Characteristics, causes, and treatment of tinea pedis which is also known as athlete's foot.
Bunions On Feet: 10 Things You Need To Know
Best Bunions on Feet Information. Top ten things to help with your bunion treatment from pads to bunion surgery.
What Is Gout and What Are the Causes?
When gout affects the foot, the usual signs are a red, hot and swollen big toe joint that is exquisitely painful and sensitive to even the lightest touch.
Why is My Toenail or Fingernail Loose?
What causes a loose fingernail or loose toenail? These are the common causes, why they happen, how to treat them and whether the nail with regrow.
11 Common Foot Problems and How to Spot Them
Many different foot problems can affect the foot and ankle. You rely on your feet to get you where you want to go. Learn more about the most common foot problems that can affect your foot and ankle.
Close-Up of Warts (Plantar Verruca) on Foot
Close-up photo of warts, also known as plantar verruca, on the bottom of the foot. Page 4.
Ingrown Toenail
An ingrown toenail occurs when the edge of the nail, usually on the big toe, grows into the skin adjacent to it. This causes pain and if left untreated may result in infection.
Got a Toenail Problem? We Answer the Most...
What's wrong with my toenails? Answers to the most frequently asked questions including issues related to toenail infection, discoloration, and injury.
Warts (Plantar Verruca) on Bottom of Foot
Photo of warts, also known as plantar verruca, on the bottom of the foot. Page 3.
What Are the 5 Metatarsophalangeal Joints?
Definition of metatarsophalangeal joint (MTPJ) with photo.
3 Ways Diabetes Can Affect Your Feet
The feet are often affected by diabetes, with problems ranging from loss of feeling and diminished blood supply to severe infection.
Multiple Warts (Plantar Verruca) on Foot
Photo of multiple warts, also known as plantar verruca, on the bottom of the foot. Page 2.
What Exercises Can Help Strengthen Your Feet...
Pictures of foot and ankle exercises. These exercises can be performed as a warm-up, cool-down or for recovery after an injury.
6 Signs and Symptoms of Hallux Limitus
Hallux limitus is a stiff big toe joint and it is a common cause of foot pain. Find out more about the causes and treatment for this condition.
3 Reasons Women Should Never Wear High Heels
Wearing High Heels Can Cause Bunions, Hammer Toes, and Heel Bulging.
11 Steps to Find the Perfect Shoes
Does the shoe fit? Shoes can either help with foot problems or have the potential to cause foot problems. We have come along way since the time of using x-rays to help with fitting shoes. People are no longer subjected to x-ray radiation when trying on shoes. There are several ways to help get your feet into a properly fitting pair of shoes. Learn more about how to fit shoes.
Can a Morton's Neuroma of the Foot Be Cured?
Morton's Neuroma may be treated with pads, injections, pain medication and surgery. It's important to properly diagnose Morton's Neuroma if treatments are to be effective.
What Causes Flat Feet?
Flat feet have low arches or none at all and often overpronate. Find out more about causes and problems associated with flat feet and how to get help.
Different Types of Bunions
photos of bunions on feet, pictures of bunions on feet
6 Treatments For Morton Neuroma
Morton's Neuroma treatments identified: Avoid Heels. Shoe Inserts. Pain Medication. Injections. Surgery.
7 Products for Heel Pain
Heel pain is one of the most common and irritating foot problems. You may find relief with the help of some of these seven popular foot products.
3 Ways to Protect Your Feet if You Have Diabetes
Diabetes is a serious chronic disease that can lead to foot complications. A diabetic may be unable to feel pain associated with a skin injury, and this can lead to a diabetic wound or ulcer. Diabetic neuropathy and diminished blood supply to the feet increase the risk of limb amputation.
Photos of Feet and X-rays with Bunion/HAV...
Photos of feet and x-rays with bunion deformities. Learn more about bunions at about.com's podiatry and foot health site.
Do You Need a Podiatrist?
A podiatrist specializes in the evaluation and treatment of many conditions affecting the feet. A list of these medical conditions are described.
The Symptoms and Treatments of Osteoarthritis...
A look at how osteoarthritis -- the most common form of arthritis -- affects the foot and ankle, including information on causes and common treatments.
5 Ways to Prevent Sweaty Feet and Odor
Excess sweat and odor are two foot problems that usually occur together. Find out how you can stop these problems and deal with hyperhidrosis.
Everything You Need to Know about Tailor's...
Even though a bunion usually develops on the big toe side of the foot, another area where a bunion can occur is the pinkie toe side. This type of bunion is known as a bunionette, or tailor's bunion.
Sesamoiditis and Sesamoid Fractures - Pain...
Sesamoiditis is a condition that causes pain under the big toe joint. Sesamoid fractures and turf toe also occur. Learn about treatments for these.
Foot and Ankle Stretches for Warm-ups and Heel...
Foot and ankle stretches are good for warm-ups before exercise. They can also be used for plantar fasciitis and heel spur syndrome treatment.
How do you Treat Toenail Fungus with Lasers?
Toenail fungal infection can respond to laser treatment. Find out more in this overview of the pros and cons of this therapy for onychomycosis.
Wart (Plantar Verruca) on Bottom of Heel
Photo of a wart, also known as plantar verruca, on the bottom of the foot on the heel.
How to Please Your High-Arched Feet and Prevent...
Having high arches can be associated with certain foot problems. Learn more about this foot type and how to prevent problems that can occur.
How Aging Affects Your Feet
The aging process affects your feet and ankles. These are changes and conditions of the skin, bone, joints and circulation that are common with aging.
What Are the Causes and Treatments of Shin...
Shin splints are now known as medial tibial stress syndrome. Learn what the causes, signs and symptoms and treatments are for shin splints/medial tibial stress syndrome.
7 Foot Skin Problems - Warts, Fungus, Corns and...
What's wrong with your feet? These are seven common foot skin conditions, from warts to corns to fungus and more, with photos to help identify them.
12 Steps to Give a Foot Massage
Learning how to give a foot massage is not hard. Pounding the pavement day in and day out can take its toll on your feet. Whether you have been standing at a trade show, standing in a research lab or standing at the front of a classroom, your feet need a rest. Learn how to give a great foot massage.
10 Causes of Plantar Fasciitis
Heel pain is a very common problem that leads to many trips to the podiatrist’s office. A significant number of people will experience heel pain during their lifetime. The most common form of heel pain is known as plantar fasciitis.
What Does Your Subtalar Joint Do?
The subtalar joint is a complex joint involving the heel and talus bone of the foot. It moves the foot side to side in walking and when pivoting.
Bunion Surgery
Learn about bunion surgery, see an X-ray showing what it looks like, and get information and images describing the steps in surgical correction.
4 Tips for Finding the Most Comfortable High...
Avoid these mistakes in choosing high heels if you want to prevent foot pain. What to look for when shopping for comfortable yet fashionable shoes.
5 Steps to Prettier Feet Now
Advice for quick, easy and effective at-home treatments for pretty feet
Pain on the Top of the Foot
Common causes of pain on the top of the foot.
Foot Problems 101 - Five Common Foot Conditions
Five of the most common foot conditions and problems include bunion, plantar fasciitis, corns and calluses, toenail fungus, and athlete's foot.
Heel Spur
Definition and description of a heel spur
Tailor's Bunion
Podiatry. Page 4.
5 Tips to Fix Your Aching Feet
If you have pain in your feet even before the work day is over, there may be some simple changes you can make that will help get rid of your foot pain. Below are five tips to help fix your aching feet.
All About Hammer Toes And Hammer Toe Surgery
Understands what hammer toes are and how best to treat them. From pads to hammer toe surgery.
Q&A about a common type of skin rash known as dyshidrotic eczema.
Want to Prevent Shin Splints? Try Doing Wall...
Exercises with photos of how to help ease the pain of shin splints - medial tibial stress syndrome exercises.
5 Bunion Surgeon Tips For Bunion Treatment
Important bunion treatment advice from simple bunion treatments to bunion surgery. Learn the best methods to treat your bunion.
5 Things You Can Do For Flat Feet
Learn about flat feet on about.com. Understand what you can do to treat it - from orthotics to surgery.
Risks of Having Bunion Surgery
Learn about the common risks after bunion surgery and what to do about it. Bunion surgery risks may include: infection, hallux varus, stiffness, nonunion and more
Do You Need to See a Podiatrist?
Many times the problems in your feet and ankles go away with time, rest, ice, anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS) and shoegear changes. Sometimes those problems won't go away, and that's when you probably need a podiatrist's help and expertise.
4 Common Causes of Heel Pain in Children and...
Heel pain in children may be normal growing pains or may be a condition that requires further medical intervention. Here are the most common causes.
Pregnancy & Foot Pain
With a baby on the way, there are a million things to think about. The last thing you want to worry about when you are pregnant is your feet, but pregnancy can lead to problems that affect your feet and legs. There are things you can do to help stop or lessen the problems. The causes, treatments and preventive tips for common foot problems during pregnancy are discussed.
Kinds Of Fibula Fractures | Broken Ankle
Understand the different types of fibula fractures and how they relate to ankle fracture treatment and ankle fracture surgery.
4 Common Conditions That Affect Children's Feet
These are the four most common foot problems for children and adolescents. Find out how they appear and what can be done to prevent and treat them.
3 Causes Of Pain In The Big Toe Joint
Bunions, arthritis of the big toe joint and gout are common problems of the big toe joint that can confused with each other. Learn how tell a bunion apart from other issues to get the best treatment.
Bunion/HAV Right Foot
Photo of right foot showing a bunion/HAV deformity. Learn more about the causes, symptoms and treatment options from about.com's podiatry and foot health site. Page 5.
The Foot Problems Bunions Cause
Bunions are not just problems of the big toe joint. They can cause hammer toes, flatfeet, ingrown toe nails and more. Learn about what foot problems you need to look out for with bunions.
Large Bunion
bunion on foot. Podiatry. Page 2.
What are Foot and Ankle Stress Fractures?
Stress fractures most often occur in the foot and ankle. Find out the causes, symptoms and treatment of his painful condition common in runners.
First Metatarsal
Definition of first metatarsal with photo.
X-ray Right Foot with Bunion/HAV
Photo of a right foot xray showing a bunion/HAV deformity. Learn more about bunions at about.com's podiatry and foot health site. Page 4.
Are High Heels Bad for Your Body?
Wearing high heels can be very fashionable and may make you feel taller, but at what price? High heels can cause some foot problems and exacerbate foot problems that you already have. Your feet are not the only body parts to suffer from wearing high heels. Leg and back pain are common complaints from those who wear high heels. Learn more about how wearing high heels can affect your whole body.
Foot Massage & Reflexology Benefits
Many research studies have reported benefits from foot massage, reflexology and acupressure. Some of the studies have been done well and some not so well and some of the studies have only been done on a small number of people, so the results need to be looked at with caution.
Subtalar Joint
Definition of Subtalar Joint with Photo
Bunion/HAV Left Foot
Photo of bunion - hallux valgus on the left foot. Learn more about bunions on about.com's podiatry and foot health site. Page 3.
Tips for Treating and Preventing Foot Blisters
Learn some of the best methods and products for foot blister prevention and how to treat a blister safely to prevent infection when you get one.
Second Metatarsal
Definition of second metatarsal with photo.
Definition of forefoot with photo.
About Pump Bump - Haglund's Deformity of the Heel
Haglund's deformity is a bump on the back of the heel bone of the foot, which is characterized by pain and irritation. It is also known as pump bump.
How to Find a Podiatrist
If you are having a foot problem, finding a competent and trustworthy podiatrist (a doctor that specializes in the foot and ankle) is an important step in getting the treatment you need. Information is available to help guide you in choosing a podiatrist. Learn more about this important decision and how to find a podiatrist.
Pregnancy & Feet
Pregnancy can lead to feet and leg problems. Here are things you can do to help stop or lessen them, including varicose veins and toenail changes. Page 2.
Plantar Wart/Verruca - Definition of Plantar...
Definition of plantar wart/verruca with photo. Find out what a foot wart is on About.com's podiatry and foot health site.
4 Popular Big Toe Joint Arthritis Treatments.
Learn about the most popular treatments for big toe joint arthritis. From anti-inflammatories to the most popular big toe joint arthritis surgery.
Tarsal Bones
Definition of tarsal bones with photo.
Left Foot X-ray of Bunion/HAV
Left foot x-ray showing a bunion/HAV deformity. Page 2.
Understanding The Jones Fracture Of The Foot
Jones Fracture Information. Learn about the jones fracture, how to treat it and if Jones Fracture Surgery is the best treatment option.
10 Foot Problems Made Worse By Exercise
Common foot problems that can be made worse with exercise, from heel pain to achilles tendinitis. Exercising through these foot problems can worsen the condition altogether.
These cold weather foot problems can cause pain and skin changes, most often affecting the toes.
Easy Home Pedicure
If you don't have time for a professional pedicure, or would like save money and do it yourself, here are a few easy steps for a basic home pedicure that you can do anytime your feet need a little attention.
Ankle Arthritis Surgery: Ankle Fusion
Learn about ankle fusion surgery for ankle arthritis. From indications to different methods of performing the surgery
Lisfranc Injury
Lisfranc injuries are named after Jacques Lisfranc, a French surgeon in the early 1800s. In the army a lot of the soldiers would get thrown from their horses, but their foot would get caught in the stirrup. This would cause an injury to the middle of the foot. Unfortunately, back then this injury sometimes ended up needing an amputation, and Dr. Lisfranc first described that procedure. Thankfully today amputation is usually not needed. Learn more about Lisfranc injuries.
Facts About Diabetes and Foot Health
Foot complications are an unfortunate reality for many diabetics. See facts regarding how diabetes can affect feet and what can be done to prevent complications.
Types of 5th Metatarsal Fractures
Fifth Metatarsal Fractures occur is a variety of configurations. Understands which ones require foot surgery and which one can be treated without surgery.
How to Choose the Right Athletic Shoe for Your...
A guide to the basics of athletic shoe terminology, including a description of some of the features of athletic shoes. Learn which sneaker may be best suited for your foot type.
Definition of rearfoot with photo.
How To Have Pretty Feet
A podiatrist's guide to a fabulous foot makeover, including soaking; trimming of calluses,corns and toenails;massaging,and treating with paraffin wax.
Third Metatarsal
Definition of third metatarsal and photo.
Kinds Of Medial Malleolus Fractures | Broken...
Everything you need to know about a broken ankle involving the medial malleolus. Understand the different ankle fracture types and if ankle fracture surgery is necessary.
The Lunge Stretch
Photo and description of the lunge stretch, which targets the calve and feet.
Bone Spur Removal for Ankle Arthritis
Bone spur removal for ankle arthritis, a procedure called Anterior Ankle Exostectomy, may be an surgical option for patients with mild to moderate ankle arthritis. Learn more.
Do Bunions Come Back After Surgery?
Bunion surgery is generally curative for bunions, some bunions may return - find out why and what to do about it.
How to Protect Your Feet in Cold Weather
Cold weather can cause significant injury to your feet, even in small doses. These tips can help protect your feet from cold-related injuries.
Definition of midfoot with photo.
Compartment Syndrome
Pain after an injury is not uncommon, but if the pain seems out of proportion to the injury and there is a significant amount of swelling (edema), you may have a condition called compartment syndrome. Compartment syndromes can be acute (sudden onset) or chronic (long term problem). Learn more about compartment syndromes.
Fifth Metatarsal
Definition of fifth metatarsal with photo.
Research Investigates: Do People Wear the...
So what do you think, are people wearing the correct-size shoes? I think we have all been in a pair of shoes that were either too small or too large at some point in our lives. Foot problems can occur from wearing shoes that do not fit. The following article looks at research studies that attempt to answer the question,
Proximal Phalanx
Definition of proximal phalanx with photo.
Sever’s Disease In Kids | Definition And...
Sever’s disease is a common cause of heel pain in active growing kids due to inflammation of the growth plate. Understand the condition and learn about treatment of Sever's Disease.
The Surprising Health Benefits of Wearing Flip...
Flip-flops can offer some positive foot health benefits but you would never know because there is an abundance of negative press regarding the dangers!
Definition of a foot problem known as over-pronation, including a descriptive photo.
How To Treat An Ankle Fracture
Get the Facts on ankle fracture surgery. If you were just diagnosed with an ankle fracture, read this before you sign up for surgery.
Tarsometatarsal Joints
Definition of tarsometatarsal joints and photo.
Definition of bunion. Podiatry.
Definition of hallux with photo.
10 Tips for a Safe Salon Pedicure
Feeling the need for some rest, relaxation and a little pampering? A visit to a pedicure salon may be on your list of things to do. If so, you need to read the following 10 tips before you go.
Definition of fibula with photo.
Sports Massage - What are the Benefits of...
Sports massage is reported to have many beneficial effects in athletes. Sports massage can be used pre-performance, post-performance, during training or for rehabilitation. Athletes of all levels may benefit from sports massage. If you are looking for a way to improve your athletic performance then sports massage may be for you. Learn more about the possible performance enhancing effects of sports massage.
When To Have Arthroscopic Ankle Surgery
Ankle arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that can treat ankle capsulitis, ankle instability, osteochondral defects, ankle bone spurs, and ankle arthritis. Learn when to best utilize ankle arthroscopic surgery.
Definition of sesamoids with photo.
Ankle Sprains
Learn more about what can increase your risk of an ankle sprain, plus the latest research on the best methods for treatment and prevention. Includes first aid recommendations for a sprain.
Metatarus Primus Varus
Definition of the foot health term metatarus primus varus
Ankle Joint
Definition of ankle joint with photo.
Definition of phalanges with photo.
5 Common Causes of Heel Pain
Heel pain can is commonly caused by plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, pump bump, achilles tendinitis, and contusion. Learn about the common causes and what to do about it.
Compressed Air Foot Massage for Diabetic Foot...
Compressed air foot massage was used in a research study to help treat diabetic foot ulcers. Over a lifetime, a person diagnosed with diabetes has a 15 to 25 percent chance of developing a foot ulcer (open sore). Some foot ulcers can take a long time to heal. Compressed air foot massage is not a new treatment, but it has gained attention as a possible way to help decrease the time it takes to heal a diabetic foot ulcer. Learn more about compressed air foot massage.
Should Obama Have Plantar Fasciitis Surgery?
Learn how chronic plantar fasciitis, like President Obama has, can be treat with surgery. Plantar fasciitis surgery may be performed open or endoscopically.
Achilles Tendon Repair: What You Need To Know...
Learn how surgeons repair achilles tendon ruptures. Not all ruptures are the same so get informed here.
Distal Phalanx
Definition of distal phalanx with photo.

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