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Shoes & Socks

Shoes and socks are very important. They can either cause problems for your feet or they can help solve problems for your feet.

Choosing the Right Athletic Shoes
A guide to the basics of athletic shoe terminology, including a description of some of the features of athletic shoes. Learn which sneaker may be best suited for your foot type.

Common Mistakes in Choosing High-Heel Shoes
When you absolutely must wear heels, why not choose a pair that maximizes comfort and reduces the chance of foot, back, and knee pain. With photo examples from the red carpet, read about some of the most common problems with high-heels and learn how you can choose better styles of heels.

High-Heeled Shoes - Bad for the Body
Wearing high heels can be very fashionable and may make you feel taller, but at what price? High heels can cause some foot problems and exacerbate foot problems that you already have. Your feet are not the only body parts to suffer from wearing high heels. Leg and back pain are common complaints from those who wear high heels. Learn more about how wearing high heels can affect your whole body.

The Most Comfortable Shoes You've Ever Worn
Read which shoes are favorites for comfort and share your own.

High Heel Shoes and Sex?
With all of the talk about bunions, corns, hammer toes and neuromas, is there anything good about wearing high heel shoes? The answer might be more interesting than you think. Find out more about high heel shoes and sex.

Do People Wear the Correct-Size Shoes?
So what do you think, are people wearing the correct-size shoes? I think we have all been in a pair of shoes that were either too small or too large at some point in our lives. Foot problems can occur from wearing shoes that do not fit. The following article looks at research studies that attempt to answer the question, "Does the shoe fit?" If you are feeling some pressure from your shoes, learn more about how to fit shoes and foot care.

Find Shoes that Fit
Does the shoe fit? Shoes can either help with foot problems or have the potential to cause foot problems. We have come along way since the time of using x-rays to help with fitting shoes. People are no longer subjected to x-ray radiation when trying on shoes. There are several ways to help get your feet into a properly fitting pair of shoes. Learn more about how to fit shoes.

Shoes and Your Aching Feet
Shoes can sometimes be the cause of your aching feet.

Socks for Exercise
Top 8 picks for exercise socks.

Top 10 Walking Socks
The top 10 walking socks are discussed.

Top 8 Ski Socks
The top 8 ski socks are discussed.

Smartwool Socks for Travel
A review of smartwool socks that are good to wear when traveling.

Smartwool Socks
A description of smartwool socks and their use for outdoor adventures.

Barefoot Tess - Beautiful Shoes for Larger Feet
Find out about Barefoot Tess and other shoe companies that sell shoes for larger feet.

Are There Any Health Benefits To Wearing Flips Flops?
Flip-flops can offer some positive foot health benefits but you would never know because there is an abundance of negative press regarding the dangers!

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