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Skin Problems

Description of skin problems that can affect the foot and ankle. Includes; symptoms, causes, prognosis and treatment options. Photos of certain skin problems can also be found.

Sweaty Feet and Odor
Excess sweat and odor are two foot problems that usually occur together. Learn more about what can be causing these common problems and how they can be treated.

What Are Plantar Warts?
Plantar warts (sometimes mistakenly called “planter’s warts”) are warts that occur on the bottom of the foot, known medically as the plantar surface.

Corns and Calluses
Corns and calluses are something that most people will develop at sometime or another. They are the result of thickening of the top layer of skin, or stratum corneum, usually in response to repeated physical trauma. For many people, corns and calluses cause some degree of pain and discomfort. For some they are a cosmetic concern, especially...

Athlete's Foot
Characteristics, causes, and treatment of tinea pedis which is also known as athlete's foot.

Skin Conditions That Make Your Feet Itch
A list of common skin conditions that cause the feet to itch as well as photos, key features, and treatment options for each condition.

Coping with Dry, Cracked Feet
Dry skin on your feet can be simply a cosmetic problem, or it may associated with other medical conditions. Learn more about what causes dry skin and how you can improve the look and feel of your feet.

Tips for Treating and Preventing Blisters
The best way to deal with irritating blisters is to prevent them from happening. Learn some of the best methods for blister prevention as well as how to treat a blister when it does occur.

Bacterial Infections of the Feet

Q&A about a common type of skin rash known as dyshidrotic eczema.

These cold weather foot problems can cause pain and skin changes, most often affecting the toes.

Tips for Protecting Your Feet from the Cold
Cold weather can cause significant injury to your feet, even in small doses. These tips can help protect your feet from cold-related injuries, such as painful or irritating skin conditions and frostbite.

How Aging Affects Your Feet

Photos of Foot Warts - Also Known as Plantar Verruca
Photo gallery of warts, also known as plantar verruca, on the feet. Learn more about warts on about.com's podiatry and foot health site.

Common Skin Problems of the Feet
There are many different skin problems that can affect your feet, some more common than others. See a list of the most common skin conditions of the feet, including images of what they can look like.

Athlete's Foot
Causes, symptoms and treatment options for athlete's foot.

Webbed Toes Repair
Surgical repair of webbed toes is sometimes needed.

Webbed Toes
Webbed toes are a condition that can sometimes affect how the foot looks and functions.

Callouses & Corns
Causes, symptoms and treatment options for callouses and corns.

Varicose Vein Treatment
Surgical treatment options for varicose veins.

Varicose Veins
A condition that can affect the foot is varicose veins.

What Are Plantar Warts
Information on plantar warts.

Which Corn or Callus Removal Products Have You Used?
Reader responses on which corn and callus removal products or techniques they recommend.

Plantar Warts
Causes, symptoms and treatment options for plantar warts.

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